From optimizing production costs to protecting product safety and quality, under increasingly stringent regulations and laws related to water quality, Paanitech understands the enormous challenges that customer face as an industry. Increasing fresh and wastewater charges are making it ever more necessary to better manage water consumption and wastewater volume and quality.
One of the important objectives of Water audit is to identify and prioritize opportunities for potential improvements in operational efficiency related to the water and effluent systems at your processing plant. This unique service, designed to contribute to your sustainable development priorities, will measure your water use and the associated resource costs within your plant, identify opportunities for improvement, and document potential projects savings and associated returns on investments. Paanitech experts carry our the below mentioned activities during the water audit.

  • Develop a water balance for factory, Water extraction and consumption mapping along with preparation of seasonal Water balance chart (summer / winter/ Monsoon) considering Ground water, Rain water, ETP water and Tertiary Treated Water.
  • Analyse present water treatment cost
  • Source wise effluent generation and characteristics study
  • Water storage and distribution systems, compliance to hygiene and Process requirements.
  • Detailed study of water distribution system, metering and accounting process and validation of data available.
  • Ground water quality study in surrounding bore wells around factory.
  • Study Consumption Pattern of water and linkage with indices like per ton of finished product. Per capita, per Day etc and bench marking with the some national or international standards.
  • Water quality Analysis and conformance to various process requirements.
  • Optimization of water treatment processes In depth study boiler water treatment, Steam generation and condensate recovery System: study and validation of equipment Tertiary treatment Plant: Detailed study on plant performance /capability issues and recommendations to improve the capability.
  • Opportunities for Water Conservation through Reduce / Reuse / Recycle / Recharge
  • Good work practices for water management.
  • Water risk assessment & other water source for usage in the factory