Specialty Coagulants

These specialty chemicals are used to help the suspended particles in waste water coagulate and form pin flocs. These chemicals are either inorganic, organic or combination of both in nature. Jar Test is the best method to determine the correct method of selection of the coagulant. Coagulants are used in ETPs, DAFs and many other applications. These coagulants help reduce sludge formation in the ETP & give excellent performance in both primary & tertiary treatment.

Paanitech’s specialty coagulants include WW 876, EC 1050, EC 1099, EC 1090, WW501 & many more.

Color Removal Chemicals

These chemicals are used mainly to rmove color in the effluent treatment plants. These chemicals can partially/fully replace basic chemicals which are used in the ETPs for color removal. They help reduce the total amount of sludge formation which reduces the sludge disposal cost. Aslo, they do not add TDS to the water which is of a great benefit when the water is recycled using a RO system.

Paanitech’s color removal chemicals include WW 500, WW 210, WW 800 & WW 351.

Bio Culture/STP Chemicals /EM Solutions

These chemicals are used in the aeration treatment of ETPs & STPs. These chemicals help reduce the COD & BOD of the effluent water & keep the bacteria healthy. Paanitech also provides chemicals which help in the start up of ETPs & STPs by developing bacteria initially. They also help in reducing foul odour in the ETPs & STPs.

Paanitech’s products include WW 700+, WW 999+, WW 888+.

Polyectrolytes (Flocculants)

These chemicals are used as flocculants to form bigger flocs in ETPs. They are also used in sludge dewatering application. The best way to select dosage for the same is by conducting a jar test. Paanitech has various kinds of liquid & solid anionic, cationic & non-ionic poly electrolytes.

Paanitech’s polyelectrolytes include WW 102, WW 101, WW 333, WW 113, WW 200 & WW 201.

Defoaming & Antifoaming Chemicals

These chemicals are closed in the ETPs/STPs to subside the foaming which occur in primary, secondary & tertiary part of your ETP & STP.

Paanitech’s defoamers & antifoamers include DF 555, DF 681 & DF 390.