RO Antiscalents

These chemicals are used in the RO feed water to prevent any type of scaling from happening in the RO membranes. Paanitech has various types of antiscalents which are selected depending on the RO water feed water quality & recovery. These also include antiscalents for silica & high sulphates.

Paanitech’s RO antiscalents include RO 299, RO 298, RO 295, RO 499 & RO 399 (RO silica antiscalent).

RO Biocides

These chemicals are fed at the inlet in RO plants where micro biological fouling is a major concern. These RO biocides help reduce biofilm formation on the RO membrances. These can also be used while cleaning the RO system.

Paanitech’s RO biocides include RO 900 & RO 1000.

RO Cleaning Chemicals

These chemicals are used to clean the RO system. Cleaning of the RO system depends on the type of problem which has occurred in the RO system. Paanitech offers acidic cleaning chemicals, basic cleaning chemicals & biofilm cleaning chemicals.

Paanitech’s RO cleaning chemicals include RO 419 (RO acidic cleaner), RO 679 (RO alkaline cleaner), RO 429, RO 689 (RO silica cleaner) & RO 901.

pH Boosters

These chemicals are used to maintain the pH of the RO permeate water.

Paanitech’s RO pH booster chemicals include BW 701, BW 702, PB 601 & PB 607.